HELPING OUT: Kindergartener Masen Thompson drops off items at Hamlow Elementary for the Community Care Drive. The Drive, sponsored by the Waverly High School Student Council, was held at several locations from Dec. 10 to 14. (Staff Photo by Anna Boggs)

WAVERLY – The Waverly High School Student Council knows the meaning of the giving season.

The group once again sponsored a Community Care Drive last week at all of the district’s buildings. All food items collected were taken to the food pantries in Waverly and Eagle.

Senior Abagail Clarke is on the student council and was in charge of helping to organize this year’s drive. The Community Care Drive has become a tradition for District 145 during December.

“It’s the giving month,” she said.

Clarke said the Student Council was committed to doing the drive again this year,

“It helps the district and the community as a whole. It’s kind of our collective way to help,” she added.

While food donations have always been a part of the Community Care Drive, the collection of coats is a newer aspect of the campaign. Clarke said that was added in the last three or four years.

But making sure people in the community are warm during winter is as important as making sure they have adequate food. To bring awareness, a coat walk was held last Thursday.

Clarke said about 30 students signed up to walk, without their coats, from the high school to the middle school.

“It was definitely chilly and my hands were definitely read,” she said.

The coat walk took place when parents were dropping students off at the school to bring awareness to the need and promote last week’s donation drive.

As has happened in previous years, each grade was also challenged to make food and coat donations. The grade that donated the most will get doughnuts.

“Usually, it’s the upper grades that win because they know more about it,” Clarke said.

Last Friday, Clarke was not sure how many food items or coats had been collected. Student Council members were scheduled to pick up at the schools on Monday morning and deliver to the food panties.

Clarke said the Student Council got the word out about the Community Care Drive as best they could. Letters were sent home with parents and information was distributed through social media.

No matter how much was collected, she said the effort was worthwhile and is important to the community.

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