WAVERLY – Good news came in the mail last month for the City of Waverly and the Lower Platte South Natural Resources District. The Federal Emergency and Management Agency has signed off on the Letter of Map Revision (LOMR), as requested by the two entities who cooperated on on the dry dam near Waverly.

City Administrator Stephanie Fisher confirmed last week that FEMA sent notice in December that the proposed revisions to the Ash Hollow floodplain map have been approved. The revisions to the flood map were approved as originally submitted.

LOMR approval means more than 90 properties will be taken out of the floodplain.

“Which means there is no obligation to carry flood insurance. It is still recommended, but it would be offered at a cheaper rate,” Fisher said.

The revised maps are now in a waiting period for protests.

“The map goes into effect April 26, providing there are no hiccups,” she said.

The city will be contacting property owners impacted by the revised floodplain maps. Zoning Administrator Chad Lyon will be sending out letters.

“He’s in the final stages of putting those letters together,” Fisher said.

She said he will also be doing some more work the engineers at

Olsson Associates to have more detailed maps at the office.

Maps that went along with the LOMR approval as well as the document itself is available for public inspection at city hall.

The city and NRD hired Olsson Associates last year to draft and submit the request for map revisions.

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