HARD CHOICES: Michelle Hay of Lincoln (right) tries to pick which plants she will be taking home during the Waverly Market on Saturday. Jamie Rohda of Waverly, who owns Harvest Home Flowers, was just one of the market vendors set up at the Tractor Supply parking lot. (Staff Photo by Lisa Brichacek)

WAVERLY – The summer sun was blazing down on the concrete late Saturday afternoon at the Tractor Supply Co. parking, but that didn’t stop shoppers from finding some market deals.

Starting thus past Saturday, the Waverly Market will be held every other week through September at TSC in Waverly. The event is organized by Kylea Meador and Vicki Giliam.

The goal is to get a variety of vendors to participate in each one.

Meador said there are similar markets in Lincoln, but nothing right in Waverly.

“We especially wanted to get the fresh produce,” she said.

Due to a difficult growing year, not a lot of produce was available on Saturday but Meador expected there would be more at future markets.

Still, there were more than 10 vendors on Saturday offering a variety of crafts, plants, vegetables, jams, quilts, clothing and other items.

Meador and Gilliam both work at TSC. Meador said

it just seemed logical to ask the company if they would be willing to host the every other week markets and they quickly agreed.

The duo hosted one market in May and it went pretty well. Meador said it is just an option so people do not have to go out of town.

The markets are held from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. Right now, she said they are just trying to get the word out and hope attendance will grow with each one.

The next one will be Saturday, July 13.

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