SOUP LINE: Carol Johnson waits as Linda Schmidt and Coleen Peterson serve up the soup during last week’s fundraiser. The event in Eagle raised $1,200 for Heroes into Homes. (Photo by GeoAnn Reynoldson)

EAGLE – “Veterans Serving Veterans” was a Dec. 4 fundraiser for Heroes into Homes at the Victory Apartments and the Lincoln VA Clinic.

The benefit was a joint effort of the Eagle American Legion and Auxiliary, Thrivent Financial Group and Bailey’s Local. Held at Bailey’s in Eagle, the benefit raised $1,200 for the Heroes into Homes.  It was a full house as veterans and others came out to support the event featuring homemade soups, cinnamon rolls vegetables and drink.

Heroes Into Homes is a non-profit charitable organization focused on lifting military veterans to a new level. It provides direction, purpose, basic needs and resources to further their future and improve their quality of life.

Heroes Into Homes helps homeless Veterans turn an empty apartment into a home. When the VA HUD/VASH counselors get a homeless veteran off the streets and into an apartment, they usually only have a few clothes to their name and nothing else.

The veteran is supplied with gently used items like a bed, bedding, pillow, blankets, dresser, end tables, lamps, couch, kitchen table and chairs, plates, cups, glasses, cooking utensils, pots, pans, cleaning supplies, laundry soap, bath soap, towels and wash cloths. They are given some groceries and whatever they may need. This can only be done with

the help of the community and fundraisers.

Heroes Into Homes is currently working to turn all 70 apartments at the new Victory Park apartments, located behind the Lincoln VA campus on 70th Street, into homes. The complex is almost full at this point and has a constant turnover for various reasons.

Everything in the apartment belongs to the tenant and they can take it with them if they move. As a result, the organization is constantly having to furnish the units for the next tenant with the basics and groceries.

If you can help in any way or would like more information please contact or call 402-960-5584.

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