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WAVERLY – The great outdoors will be the star of an event Saturday in Waverly.

The City of Waverly and Nebraska Statewide Arboretum is sponsoring a Moon Walk Saturday, July 20 at the Waverly Arboretum, located at North 140th and Guildford streets.

Activities get started at 7 p.m. and will wrap up about 10 p.m.

Justin Evertson, a Waverly resident and Nebraska Forest Service employee, said there are a couple of goals tied to this first time event.

One is to bring awareness to arboretum in town. He said Waverly worked hard to make it a part of the statewide arboretum network and this is a good way to bring attention to it.

The other goal is just getting people outdoors.

“It’s getting people of all ages excited about being outside,” he said. “Let’s get out of our comfort zones and do a little bit of exploring of nature right in our own backyard.”

Evertson said the idea for a moon walk was a borrowed one. Natural Resource Districts in eastern Nebraska have done some and they have been fairly successful.

The Moon Walk in Waverly on Saturday gets started with daylight activities.

People can learn about the best plants for pollinators and how to grow them in their yards; explore pollinators, fireflies and other important insects; and go on a tree and bird identification hike.

While adult members of the family take advantage of the hike, Evertson said there will be plenty of activities for the kids to do as well. Kids activities will include games, nature explore, log dissection and bug journals.

Once it is twilight, other activities get underway. Those include watching for bats and fireflies, stargazing and moon walking.

There will also be s’mores and fun and scary stories around the campfire.

Those attending the activities on Saturday might want to bring along the bug spray. Chairs or blankets for the twilight activities are also a good idea.

For more information, contact Evertson at or 402-580-1293.

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