David Nielson

David Nielson

WAVERLY – David Nielson has a little extra time on his hands since he retired, so he decided to take a look at operations in the City of Waverly from the inside out.

Nielson was appointed to fill a vacated seat on the Waverly City Council last month and was sworn in during the Nov. 27 city council meeting.

“I’d kind of like to see what the city does,” said Nielson.

Nielson will complete the two years left in the term previously held by Joseph Dalton, who was appointed by Gov. Pete Ricketts to serve as county court judge in the Third District, which is in Lincoln. Dalton, who was first elected in 2008, served on the council for 10 years.

The idea of applying for the vacant city council seat was suggested to Nielson by several people, including the wife of Mayor Mike Werner and by Council Member John Hesterman, with whom Nielson served on the Waverly Planning Commission in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

“I think those two put the bug in Mike’s ear,” Nielson said.

Having retired from the trucking industry in 2013, Nielson said he has time to devote to the city. He also works part-time for a delivery service in Omaha.

There are areas that Nielson will focus on as a city council member, including the Park, Recreation and Tree Advisory Board, which he will serve as liaison to the council.

“I like baseball, so I’ll be working with the fields,” he added.

Nielson also has an interest in the status of the streets and roads in Waverly. He is watching as the city prepares to pave a few more streets within corporate limits.

“I’m anxious to work on that,” he said.

Overall, Nielson said he has joined the city council at a good time in Waverly’s history.

“I think Waverly is in pretty good shape,” he said.

Nielson moved to Waverly in 1977 to be closer to his job at PIE Trucking Company in Lincoln. He also worked for ABF Freight Systems, also in Lincoln, where he was in operations and later became a salesman. In all, Nielson worked in the trucking industry for 35 years before retiring.

In addition to his part-time job and his position on the city council, Nielson also makes time for his three children and his grandchildren, who all live in Waverly.

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