WAVERLY – The parents of Waverly seniors have organized a graduation day parade for Waverly High School seniors Sunday, May 17 as a way to celebrate the Class of 2020 in a safe and social distancing way.

Originally, the commencement program would have been held on May 17 for the Waverly seniors. However, school has been closed since mid-March due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the graduation ceremony was postponed.

Tom Rine will be announcing the parade and playing music through the route. The parade begins at Eagle Raceway at 2 p.m. and travels through Prairie Home and continuing in Waverly from Heywood Street to 143rd Street, then Amberly Road.

The route will continue to Cannongate Road, past the Middle and High School over the overpass to Jamestown Street. From there they will go down Jamestown Street to 141st Street past the Community Center and Lawson Park to Waverly Road.

They will then go to 134th Street and back over the overpass to Amberly Road. They will take Amberly Road to 148th Street then to Castlewood Street to enter Evansdale. At 151st Street they will go left on Bluff Road to Camp Creek.

There will be a short program at Camp Creek including senior shout outs and class memories.

No one at the starting or ending points will be allowed to get out of their cars. The program will be broadcast over FM radio. The radio station information was not available at press time.

Organizers are asking the public to make flags, posters and line the route to support the seniors.

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