EAGLE – The Village of Eagle is resuscitating a commission to give its park a boost.

In July, the Village Board of Trustees voted to disassemble then reassemble the Park and Recreation Commission.

Village Board Chairperson Travis Moore said that in the past, there has been a commission. It actively ran the pool and set up activities at the park.

But, he added that activity had fallen off.

Moore said he had been approached several times about residents being interested in helping make the park better for of Eagle.

In talking with fellow Village Trustee Dan Meier, the two decided that there were needs and people willing to help fill those needs. Moore and Meier are the trustees who currently oversee the park in the village.

Three people applied and were ultimately approved for the commission.

The board approved Kayla Johanson, Elizabeth Umshler and Cassidi Denton to the revitalized commission. The group will serve as an advisory group to Moore and Meier and serve as a conduit for resident feedback to the village board.

Umshler said that she found the opportunity in the town newsletter and didn’t want to pass up a chance to help the town that raised her.

“I really wanted the opportunity to make a difference,” Umshler said. “Eagle is my hometown, so I’ve lived here 30-plus years. I’m raising my daughter here and really thought it would be impactful to make a difference.”

Work has already begun. The commission has already met twice since its reboot just more than a month ago. Moore said that the group’s first meeting was walking through the park to start to find places to improve the park.

“(We were) identifying facilities and things that already exist, that need to be improved. And then looking at new amenities or programs that we could try to bring to the park,” Moore said.

The group has focused on the picnic shelters in the park. Deteriorating concrete slabs and paint on the shelters caught the group’s eye, Moore said. The group would like to add new benches, while also replacing existing ones and even potentially adding barbeque grills for the picnic areas.

Umshler said that she is working on distributing and collecting resident surveys to help get feedback on what Eagle would like to see at the park.

The commission wouldn’t just be about adding amenities but hosting events to bring people out and the village together, Umshler said. She would love to see movie nights at the park, horseshoe pits, and better lighting throughout the park to make it more accessible and useful to all ages.

The commission is still seeking more members and if you would like to get involved, contact Moore or Meier through the Village of Eagle office.

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