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WAVERLY – A town hall meeting this Sunday will give the public a chance to see the developing plans for a new Waverly Aquatic Center, and offer an opportunity for input too.

The town hall will start a 5:30 p.m. at the Waverly Community Foundation Building.

Kris Bohac of Waverly, who has been helping to lead the committee overseeing the pool planning process, said several different plans will be presented on Sunday.

Lamp Rynearson was hired in April as the consulting firm to help the committee and the city come up with a proposal. Since then, the process has been to investigate the issues at the current pool, identify if the existing site or a new site should be utilized and determine possible configurations for a renovated or new pool.

“We’ll present several different concepts,” Bohac said.

Representatives from both Lamp Rynearson and the committee will be on hand Sunday to explain those concepts and gather community input.

Bohac said this stage is still early planning. The concepts have not reached the fully engineered design stage yet. Once the determination is made which is the best concept to pursue, that will be the next step.

The discussion about a new pool in Waverly began about two years ago. Bohac said the need was identified and the community seemed to agree that the project needed to move beyond just discussion.

With the assistance of Greater Waverly Area Foundation Fund and consultant Hannah Keelan, a community survey last year was conducted last year. The survey found support of the need for improvements to the pool built in 1975.

“What we have now isn’t very adequate anymore,” Bohac said.

With Waverly a growing town, a bigger capacity is one of the biggest needs. Most people who want to get to the pool.

“But, sometimes there is a wait and currently, we have to stagger our daycares,” she said.

Other needs include an outdated bathhouse and a

limited little kids’ wading pool.

“And, there is not a lot for the adults,” she added.

Then, there is just the basic upkeep and maintenance needs of an aging facility.

“It’s been very well maintained, but there is always going to be issues that creep up,” Bohac said.

The meeting on Sunday will also have some general ideas on projected project costs. Once a determination has been made as to the best site and concept, the next step will be to nail down firm costs and find funding sources.

The committee has had some preliminary discussions about funding sources, but Bohac said it was still a little early to make any final plans for funding yet. There has been a sub-committee for fundraising established.

Sunday’s meeting will not be the only opportunity for public input. The committee has used social media to gather comments and Bohac said more town halls are expected in the future.

As concepts and plans develop, more information will also become available on the city’s website.

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