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RAYMOND – Raymond Central Public Schools has been trying something new with its superintendent evaluation and will soon share results with the nation.

Raymond Central has been part of a pilot program with the Nebraska School Board Association.

Raymond Central Board of Education President Dr. Harriet Gould said the system the district was using was little more than a checklist for board of education members.

But, she said the superintendent works with more than just the board.

“We felt it was important to see how other people react to the leadership he provides in the district,” she said.

Raymond Central Superintendent Dr. Derrick Joel said the new 360 evaluation process gathers more than just the board of education’s opinions on a school’s superintendent.

“We’re casting a wider net,” Joel said.

In addition to board members, the superintendent 360 evaluation engages a variety of stockholders, including parents, students and school staff to measure the superintendents overall performance.

These stakeholders are asked to evaluate based upon policy, organizational leadership, education leadership, professional leadership and community relations.

Joel said this is the second year Raymond Central has been a part of the NASB’s pilot program. If the NASB finds it performs well, the evaluation tool may begin to spread to other schools.

The NASB has already asked the district to help spread the word about its work with the new 360 evaluation.

Gould said a group of the school’s administration will be traveling to Philadelphia in March to present at the National School Board Association conference.

“It could be very valuable to schools across the states,” Gould said.

School officials have already found it valuable at Raymond Central.

Joel said the district would be using the evaluation not just as a typical survey, but also to set district goals and review strategic educational plans.

“We’re using it to improve Raymond Central,” Joel said.

Gould said the superintendent evaluation this school year will be more detailed and comprehensive than last year. She added there may be some fine-tuning to do, testing what does and does not work for an evaluation utilizing community-wide input.

(Staff Reporter Lisa Brichacek contributed to this story with information presented at the Dec. 12 Raymond Central Board of Education meeting.)

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