READY TO SERVE: Hope Staten stands behind the front counter at Waverly City Hall. Staten has been working at city hall since January, but was recently tapped as the new city clerk/deputy treasurer. (Staff Photo by Lisa Brichacek)

WAVERLY – The new Waverly city clerk really isn’t new to the city offices – Hope Staten has been working part-time at city hall since January.

But last month, Staten was tapped as the new city clerk/deputy treasurer.

Staten said she is settling into her new role, but there is still a big learning curve.

“It definitely helped being part time and not just jumping in,” she said.

Staten got to taste a little bit of what her new job would be like when she helped to fill in this past month during the search for the new clerk.

She said she is enjoying the work.

Working for a city, however, is not something that Staten had previously envisioned herself doing.

“I never thought I’d like being in the government, but I am actually enjoying knowing what is going on in the community,” she said.

Getting to know the Waverly community is definitely a plus for her too.

Originally from Oregon, Staten said she likes the atmosphere and people of her new community.

“I love this town, I do,” she said. “The town I come from is very different. They don’t look at you; they look down at their feet.

“Here, you go out and everyone says ‘hello, how are you doing this morning’.”

Staten said she is looking forward to getting to know more people in town. She recently attended her first Chamber of Commerce meeting and plans to go to more meetings as well.

Prior to starting with the city, she worked at Peaceful Beginnings child care center in Waverly and helped out some with the fire department. But before that she was a stay at home mom, so she said she didn’t get to meet a lot of people in the community.

Staten and her husband, Matt, who works for the railroad, moved to Nebraska from Montana three years ago. They have a young son, Mason.

A big part of her new job is organization and record keeping – two tasks that Staten said come fairly natural to her.

Another one of her roles is to “be the face” for city hall. Meeting and working with people seems to come naturally as well.

While she has had her foot in the door since January, Staten said she eager to learn even more about her new job.

“I learned the basics and the day to day life. Now it’s just more in depth,” she added.

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