WAHOO – Norma Manske of Wahoo died last September but her legacy of love continues.

Norma and her husband Delbert moved to Wahoo in 1960 when they purchased the Wahoo Livestock Auction Market.

The Manskes also had a passion for antiques and operated the Oldie and Goodie Shop in Ceresco. They continued to collect antiques throughout their entire lives.

But this wasn’t the only passion they shared. They loved helping others. Before her death, Manske had established the Delbert and Norma Manske Scholarship through the Wahoo Community Foundation. After her death last year, substantial donations were made to about 10 local organizations.

Al Grandgenett worked with Norma after her husband’s death in 2003 to develop the criteria for a scholarship program and develop a plan to share her estate with area groups that were close to their hearts.

“It was Norma’s wishes to share some of her and her husband’s success with several local non-profit organizations and graduating seniors from Saunders County,” Grandgenett said.

“Norma and Delbert never had any children so she left most of her estate to the community,” he added.

Part of the scholarship program is based on work ethic, something Norma and Delbert believed in and something that students must demonstrate in order to earn one of scholarships set up for all students in Saunders County.

“Because they were such hard workers, consideration is given to students who work hard to get what they need, not necessarily the top student or athlete who works hard for an athletic team or school activity,” Grandgenett said. “These scholarships are available for graduating high school seniors who reside in Saunders County.”

Attorney Loren Lindahl, who also helped Manske set up the scholarship program, said past and future recipients of these financial scholarships are and will be forever grateful for the foresight and generosity of Delbert and Norma Manske.

“Though Delbert and Norma are now deceased, their legacy and their names will be forever linked to the youth of Saunders County,” Lindahl said.

Grandgenett said 23 scholarships have been issued each year for the past two years with plans to continue as the money is invested through the Wahoo Community Foundation.

“I knew Norma as her financial advisor and then friend for over 20 years,” Grandgenett said. “I helped her with several projects through the years and guided her with the help of her attorney, Loren Lindahl, and other influences within the community.”

One of the other charities that benefited from Norma’s giving spirit was Saunders Medical Center (SMC) Foundation.

According to Debra Hohl, foundation president, Manske has given nearly $80,000 to the foundation.

“Norma’s contribution to the Saunders Medical Center Foundation demonstrated a deep commitment to providing the best healthcare for our community,” Hohl said. “There is no way to fully express our gratitude for her loyalty. We are inspired by the dedication and generosity of donors like Norma.”

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