School District 145

Board of Education

Official Minutes Summary

The regular January 2, 2018 Board of Education Meeting convened at 7:00 P.M. in the Central Office Board Room with all members present except Tiffany Johnson who was absent and excused. There was Board consensus to appoint Superintendent Dr. Cory Worrell as Temporary Chairperson. The Board elected Andy Grosshans, President; Bruce Sedivy, Vice-President; Jessica Zuniga, Treasurer; and Scott Claycomb, Secretary. The board approved the agenda; heard report on Special Education Services in the District; heard Superintendent’s report; heard board committee reports; approved the minutes of regular meeting and special meeting; accepted resignation of classified staff employee; approved classified staff new hire; reviewed fund balances; approved fund claims; accepted donation; authorized DLR Group to begin detail design on future facility projects; authorized trade in of old mower and purchase of a new mower; approved entering into a 36 month lease agreement for a Kubota UTV; declared weight room equipment as surplus; discussed Board of Education Committee Assignments; reviewed future agenda topics; and adjourned the meeting at 8:10 P.M.

Robin L. Hoffman

Recording Secretary

Adam Bauman-ex 30.00; Angie Cobelens-ex 30.00; Blue Cross Blue Shield-se 223,552.95; Brad McMillan-ex 30.00; Brian Daniell-ex 30.00; Carleen Dowding-ex 30.00; Cory Worrell-ex 50.00; Craig Patzel-ex 30.00; Delanie McMillan-ex 30.00; George Schere-ex 30.00; Hometown Leasing-se 1,775.19; Madison National Life Insurance Co. Inc-se 2,810.47; Megan Flohr-ex 30.00; Michelle Rezek-ex 30.00; Philip Steffen-ex 30.00; Robin Hoffman-ex 30.00; Ross Ricenbaw-ex 30.00; Ryan Ricenbaw-ex 30.00; Scott Blum-ex 30.00; USPS TMS #246042-su 1,500.00;AAA Roofing Company Inc-se 972.00; Abbie Huenink-ex 100.00; ACT-su 1,656.00; AETNA/Payflex-ex 76,812.48; Airgas-su 15.00; Amazon-su 1,826.68; American Express-ex 1,730.11; American Messaging-se 29.16; Ami Heffelfinger-se 2,035.00; Angie Cobelens-ex 103.39; Arch Hill-ex 40.13; Augstums Printing-se 533.53; Auto Glass Nation, Inc-su 1,043.53; B and K Wolff Inc-se 556.80; Barb Meyers-ex 39.72; Bauer Built Tire-su 234.00;Beth Ludwig-se 1,865.73; Black Diamond Enterprises Inc-su 1,212.20; Bookoutlet-su 57.36; Brandi Lambert-ex 119.62; Bus Parts Warehouse-su 1,045.68; Centerpoint Energy Services-se 4,135.82; Charter Communications-se 135.70; City of Waverly-se 2,,323.13; Clint Colton-se 1,275.00; Colin Electric Motor-ex 522.72; Cornhusker Intnl Trucks Inc-su 2,532.25; Craig Homecare-se 3,336.30; Culligan-se 941.20; Dalene Palmesano-ex 100.00;DAS State Accounting-Central Finance-se 234.93; Dennis Supply Company-su 671.68; Dietze Music/Omaha-su 158.19; Echo Group Inc-su 219.24; Electronic Contracting-se 243.00; Envision Learning Partners-su 7,500.00; ESU No. 10-se 335.30; ESU No. 6-se 545.20; Factory Motor Parts-su 306.38; Firefly Computers-su 1,899.00; Follett Educational Services-su 733.22; Gina Kroger-ex 48.15; Grainger-su 58.81; Hamilton Equipment Co-su 414.86; Hireright Solutions Inc-se 355.10; Ideal Pure Water-se 59.75; Industrial Services Inc-se 2,268.87; Insight Public Sector Inc-su 1,941.36; Interstate All Battery-su 341.85; Interstate Battery Systems-su 286.90; Jill K. DeJonge-ex 192.61; Jim Kucera-ex 230.22; Junior Library Guild-su 486.20; JW Pepper and Son, Inc-su 282.99.Katie McCatee-ex 6.42; Kriz-Davis Co-su 364.50; Kyla Blum-se 2,669.05; Lancaster County Sheriff Office-se 31,347.00; Landscape Alternatives-se 2,093.95; LD Products-su 135.96; Learning Momentum LLC-su 52.00; Lee Sapp Ford Mercury-su 25.10; Lincoln Electric System-se 29,599.97; Lincoln Truck Center-su 356.62; Lincoln Winlectric Co-su 149.06; Lincoln Winnelson Co-su 837.11; Linda Mathis-ex 107.68; Mallory Gregory-ex 100.00; Matheson-Linweld-su 371.22; Mattice Lock and Safe-se 113.00; Maxim Healthcare Services Inc-se 1,457.50; Menards Lincoln-North-su 357.32; Menards Lincoln-South-su 69.95; Michelle Henrickson-ex 26.99; NASP-ex 669.00; NCSA-ex 500.00; Nebraska Central Equipment Inc-su 193.52; Nebraska Safety Center-se 1,200.00; Nebraska State Fire Marshal-ex 360.00; Northside Winlectric Co-su 229.01; Occupational Health Centers of Nebraska-se 261.00; Office Depot-su 103.92; Omaha Public Power District-se 3,921.62; Omaha World Herald-se 11.15; One Source-se 115.00; O’Reilly Automotive Stores Inc-su 404.30; Payflex-se 650.25; Perry Guthery Haase and Gessford-se 825.00; Presto X Company-se 187.00; Printing Plus-se 1568.11; Pulse Finders-se 50.00; Pyramid Educational Products, Inc-su 39.50; QP Hardware Inc-su 4.84; Rivers Metal Products Inc-su 17.29; Ross Ricenbaw-ex 11.25; Russ’s Market Express-su 302.50; Ryan Ricenbaw-ex 73.15; Sadoff Iron and Metal Co-su 200.00; School District #145-Imprest-ex 1,165.00; School District 145 Lunch-ex 71.40; School Specialty, Inc-su 326.62; Shelly Janssen-ex 6.42; Sherri Frisbie-se 3,794.29; Sid Dillon-su 272.56; Siemens Industry, Inc.-se 459.00; Southeast Community College-se 1,485.00; Stephanie Jones-ex 130.38; Supplyworks-su 6,479.41; Taira Nystrom-ex 49.22; Tighton Tools and Supply-su 48.98; TJ Cable and Underground SVS, LLC-se 200.00; Tractor Supply Company-su 125.42; Tracy McCoy-ex 229.98; Trane Company-se 10,096.33;Villa Marie-ex 399.98; Village of Eagle-se 315.43; Wahoo-Waverly-Ashland Newspapers-se 89.62; Waterlink Inc-se 159.00; Waverly True Value Hardware-su 201.28; Windstream-se 1,784.63. Total 465,899.39.

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