TUESDAY FEBRUARY 20, 2018; 5:00-7:00 p.m.


The public is invited to an open house on February 20, 2018 to discuss the street improvement projects planned for the 2018 construction season for the City of Waverly. The meeting will be held from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. at the Waverly VFW located at 13820 Guildford Street Waverly NE.

The City of Waverly has identified four street projects to include in their capital improvement plans for 2018. These projects are to be constructed in 2018 and are summarized below.

1. Amberly Road, 148th Street west to approximately 142nd Street. This segment shall consist of total removal and concrete reconstruction including turn lanes onto 148th Street. The improvement may also include curb and gutter, trail and enclosed storm sewer. Amberly Road would be closed to through traffic during construction. Construction phasing will consider Waverly School District timeframes. (Project 1)

2. Oldfield Street, Canongate Road east to 141st Street. New urban concrete pavement with curb and gutter, enclosed storm sewer and trail. Oldfield Street would be closed to through traffic during construction. (Project 2)

3. Folkestone Street, 148th Street west to 145th Street. This segment consists of total removal and concrete reconstruction including curb and gutter and driveway approaches as necessary. Temporary construction easements or right-of-entries may be necessary. Construction phasing will consider Waverly Intermediate School timeframes. Folkestone Street currently contains plastic speed bumps drilled into the existing pavement surface to slow traffic. The design staff is considering other methods of traffic calming in place of the existing speed bumps. The design team is looking for comments from residents living along the section of road regarding these proposed improvements. (Project 3)

4. 143rd Street, Amberly Road north to Jamestown Street and including Bradford Court. This segment would include asphalt resurfacing by milling the existing street and overlaying new asphalt. Portions of the curb and gutter would be replaced, as necessary. (Project 4)

The public open house meeting is being held to provide information regarding the project improvements for the 2018 projects and receive the public’s input. All interested persons are invited to attend and provide comments and questions. Design information will be displayed and design team personnel will be present to answer questions and receive comments. The open house format allows the public to come at any time during the advertised hours, gather pertinent information about the project, speak one-on-one with project personnel, and leave as they wish.

Projects identified in this improvement package may require the acquisition of additional property rights including new right-of-way (ROW) or permanent easements. Staff will be present to answer questions regarding possible right of way impacts to residential properties. The proposed projects are currently being designed with a construction start date as early as this spring. The project is being funded through local city funds.

For more information contact Matt Shimerdla, Schemmer Associates at (402) 488-2500 or or Stephanie Fisher, City of Waverly,

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