Raymond Central Public Schools Board of Education Regular Meeting

Wednesday, January 10, 2018 - 7:00 PM

Valparaiso Elementary School

406 E. 3rd Street

Valparaiso, NE 68065

Present: Scott Black, Matt Blanchard, Brad Breitkreutz, Harriet Gould, Lori Springer, Susan Urbom. Also attending were Derrick Joel, Superintendent; Kolin Haecker, Secondary Principal; Greg Wilmes, Assistant Secondary Principal and Activities Director; Shelly Dostal, Valparaiso Elementary Principal; Ann Egr, Ceresco Elementary Principal; and Cicely Pickel, Student Board Member.

Call to Order and Pledge of Allegiance

President Gould called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM and the Pledge of Allegiance was said.

Motion to Excuse Board Member's Absence

All members were present.

Open Meeting Law

President Gould reminded the audience that the Open Meeting Laws are displayed in the back of the room for their review.

Election of Officers

Motion by Black, second by Urbom to elect Harriet Gould as President of the Board of Education. RCV 6-0.

Motion by Blanchard, second by Breitkreutz to retain current officers of Scott Black as Vice President, Lori Springer as Secretary, and Susan Urbom as Treasurer for 2018. RCV 6-0.

Consent Agenda

Motion by Black, second by Urbom to approve the consent agenda as presented, regular meeting minutes of December 13, 2017, Financial Statement and monthly bills as presented. RCV 6-0.


The final Elementary Bond payment was made on December 15, 2017.

Nebraska School Board Recognition Week starts January 22. Thank you for your commitment serving the patrons and students of Raymond Central

Administrative Reports

Winter DIBELS was completed in December. End of quarter assessments were completed prior to break. Plans are underway for NWEA MAP testing February 19-March 2.

The Technology Committee met on January 3 discussing the number of available technology devices, Chromebooks versus iPads, how to best meet needs of students, and training for teachers.

January is National Mentoring Month. The mentoring program founded by Dr. Tom and Nancy Osborne, TeamMates, matches students with caring adults. Mentors and mentees meet about once a week during school hours. TeamMates would like to thank all of our mentors: Kristie Bohac, Alice Pecka, Dave Burklund, Esther Ryan, Jennifer Frasier-Davidson, Ron Bottorff, Barb Ohnoutka, Tammie Holley, Kendra Detweiler, Shirley Eichmeier, Brad Breitkreutz. Our newest members Deb Brooks, Darrell Walla, Mike Unverferth, and Karri Donahue will soon be matched with students. We are always looking for new mentors and have a waiting list for mentees. Please contact Mrs. White at the school for more information about how to become a mentor or go to www.teammates.org.

Parent-Teacher Conferences are scheduled for grades 6-12 on Thursday, February 8 from 4:00-8:00 P.M. Sixth grader teachers will continue to schedule their P-T Conferences with the first night being February 7.

Earning NCPA academic all-state for One Act was Matthew Jackson and Ella Kehr. Jackson Fowler was recognized as all-state football honorable mention in both Omaha World Herald and Lincoln Journal Star for class C-1. Wayne Honor Band participants were Ellen Dexter (6 year participant), Matthew Jackson, Megan Lange, Maiya Miller, Brigit Shultz and Brandon Unverferth (6 year participant).

The district is accepting kindergarten registrations for 2017-2018 until February 23, 2018. The application process for the district preschool is available until March 15.

Curriculum Report

During second semester, all Raymond Central administrators and staff will continue their learning around differentiation and study effective practices related to differentiated instruction.

Superintendent's Report

The Nebraskans United for Property Tax Reform group was formed on December 27, 2016 to begin working on school funding issues and to combat political rhetoric that we have high property taxes in this state because of excessive school spending. They are encouraging all school districts to adopt their resolution, which dozens of schools have already done so.

Discussion needs to be held regarding transporting Preschool students to our current pickup/drop off locations. We provide transportation for special education students, however, are not required for general education students. Next year the midline bus with the lift will be used to transport a wheelchair bound student.

The breakfast survey was sent out last Thursday afternoon to all 6-12 students and parents. The offering of breakfast is in conjunction with the updating of our wellness policy.

Facilities Report

Superintendent Joel reported that we have received the DRAFT air quality study from Davis Design for the Elementary at Ceresco. Two options are given that will solve our humidity and mold issue, but one would replace our heat pumps which are already 20 years old. Brandon Sire, Engineer at Davis Design, will attend our February Board Meeting to present and answer questions after the report is finalized.

Student Board Report

Cicely Pickel, Student Board member, reported that Christmas break was much needed and appreciated throughout the school.

Girls basketball got second place in the Lincoln Lutheran Holiday tournament while the boys got fourth place. Girls won against Centennial last weekend and boys lost. Both basketball teams lost to David City Tuesday night. Wrestling went 2-3 last week at Wilber. They wrestle at Malcolm Thursday night.

Boys Jr. High basketball finished their season and Jr. High girls has started. Jr. high wrestling will start in a couple of weeks.

The Speech Team spoke at Millard North last week and got ninth place.

FFA is having their annual Alumni Consignment Auction this Sunday, January 14.

2018-2019 Proposed Calendar Draft

Superintendent Joel presented the 2018-19 proposed school calendar for the Board's review. The calendar will be acted on at our February Board Meeting.

Para Educator Educational Requirements for PK Classroom

Further discussion was held regarding the Nebraska Department of Education requirements for highly qualified para educators in the preschool setting. Superintendent Joel will conduct a comparability study for preschool para positions to be presented at the February Board Meeting.

Teacher Retirement Sick Day Bank

Motion by Blanchard, second by Breitkreutz to compensate a retiring teacher at the end of the school year for 10 sick days at $100 per day, if having accumulated 45 unused sick days and agreeing to donate the remaining 35 days to the catastrophic sick leave bank. RCV 6-0.

Action Items

Approval of Lagoon Project Contract(s)

Motion by Springer, second by Black to approve three contracts to repair our primary lagoon and bring the secondary lagoon to working order for up to $46,429.00. RCV 6-0.

Approval of Nebraskans United For Property Tax Reform and Education Resolution

Motion by Springer, second by Breitkreutz to approve and submit a Resolution Supporting Principles of Nebraskans United for Property Tax Reform and Education. RCV 6-0.

Approval of Staff Resignations

Motion by Blanchard, second by Black to approve resignations received from Amanda Higgins, Head Volleyball Coach; Robin Ethridge, Co-Head Cook at Ceresco; Carolyn Hajek, Co-Head Cook at Ceresco; Stacy Roberts, SpEd Para at Ceresco; and Teresa Hansen, Assistant Cook at Ceresco. RCV 6-0.

Approval of Staff Appointments

Motion by Black, second by Breitkreutz to approve Stacy Roberts as head cook at Ceresco; Robin Ethridge as co-assistant cook at Ceresco; Carolyn Hajek as co-assistant cook at Ceresco; Stacy Roberts as head cook at Ceresco; Cindra Jensen as Preschool Para; and Kristine Donahue as SpEd Para at Ceresco. RCV 6-0.

Approval of Legal Council

Motion by Urbom, second by Gould to retain the legal counsel of Perry, Guthery, Haase, and Gessford Law Office for 2018. RCV 6-0.

Approval of Official Depository for 2018 Funds

Motion by Urbom, second by Black to approve the Resolution designating official depository(s) of 2018 school funds for Raymond Central School District to be CerescoBank, Oak Creek Valley Bank, First Northeast Bank of Nebraska, First National Bank Fremont, and BOK Financial, and that the designation of any other institution as the depository of school funds is hereby withdrawn. RCV 6-0.

Approval of New Mileage Rate

Motion by Urbom, second by Springer to approve mileage rate of $.545 effective January 1, 2018. RCV 6-0.

Approval of Next Regular Board Meeting

Motion by Urbom, second by Springer to approve the next regular Board of Education Meeting as Wednesday, February 14, 2018 at the Ceresco Elementary School at 7:00 PM. RCV 6-0.

Executive Session

Motion by Gould, second by Springer to enter executive session to discuss Superintendent Joel's contract at 8:50 PM. RCV 6-0.

Return to Regular Session

Motion by Black, second by Gould to return to regular session at 9:42 PM. RCV 6-0.


Motion by Blanchard, second by Breitkreutz to adjourn the meeting at 9:45 PM. RCV 6-0.

Airgas USA, LLC-se 809.40; Alternative Service and Repair-re 2,459.59; Apollo Steel Company-su 276.36; ASI-se 96.00; Bauer Built, Inc.-su 1,325.41; Becky Studebaker-se 30.00; Bishop Business-su 304.00; Brad Breitkreutz-se 70.00; Brooke L. Cheleen-se 1,902.46; Butler Public Power District-se 2,473.17; Cash-Wa Distributing-su 1,625.00; Cash-Wa Distributing-su 4,622.65; Colin Electric Motor Service-su 393.35; Comforttechs-re 1,372.71; Company Care-se 59.00; CSG Scientific-su 5,934.66; Culligan of Lincoln-su 97.94; Dean Foods-su 2,143.37; Derrick C. Joel-mi 254.13; Donald R. Prentice-se 190.00; Eakes Office Solutions-su 212.07; EcoLab-se 61.50; Follett School Solutions, Inc.-su 96.81; Govconnection, Inc.-su 32.00; Jackson Services-se 82.50; Jackson Services, Inc.-se 375.60; James Marsh-su 478.28; Johnstone Supply-se 17.86; JourneyEd.com. Inc.-su 1,683.75; Julie A. Higgins-se 676.58; KDesign, Inc.-se 150.00; Kindra Fox-se 5,458.10; Kiner Supply Company-su 138.00; KSB School Law, PC LLO-se 2,329.05; Laci Pebley-su 78.15; Larry’s Boiler Service-re 206.85; Leann Wiese-se 70.00; Leann Wiese-su 12.87; Lori Celesky-mi 731.88; Matt Smith-se 70.00; Menards Lincoln-su 780.66; Midland Computer, Inc.-se 90.00; Midwest Office Automations-se 1,228.00; NASCO-su 25.95; Nebraska Council Of-fe 115.00; Nebraska Food Distribution-su 9,599.66; Nebraska State Fire Marshal-fe 480.00; Nelson Gas and Oil Co.-su 1,481.85; Norris Public Power-se 9,978.58; O’Keefe Elevator Company, Inc-re 458.45; Oak Valley Lumber Co-su 218.89; Office Depot-su 333.94; Patty Hudson-su 146.21; Patty Hudson-su 29.60; Patty Hudson-su 116.74; Paul E. Hass, JR-se 40.00; Power Source Electric LLC-re 380.00; RCPS District No. 161-pa 535,582.06; RCPS District No. 161-pa 12,241.71; RCPS Imprest Account-re 6,453.17; Rebecca Parks-su 18.92; Rhonda Madsen-se 30.00; Richard Spoerl-se 30.00; Security Equipment, Inc.-se 24,987.60; Steve Rose-mi 88.28; Sunbelt Rentals-se 415.20; Super C-se 73.98; Sysco Lincoln-su 3,087.94; The Thompson Co,-su 387.60; Tractor Supply Company-su 30.59; Truck Center Companies-su 78.18; U.S. Bank Equipment Finance-se 2,494.82; UPS-se 22.91; US Bank-su 4,036.54; Village of Ceresco-se 209.59; Village of Valparaiso-se 260.65; Voss Lighting-su 282.84; Wahoo-Waverly-Ashland Newspaper-se 186.40; Waste Connections Co-se 673.28; Whittemore Sprinkler Company-se 232.50; Windstream-se 2,006.39

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