Raymond Central Public Schools Board of Education Regular Meeting

Wednesday, December 13, 2017 7:00 PM Central

Raymond Central Junior Senior High School - Swing Classroom No. 108

1800 West Agnew Road

Raymond, NE 68428-9783

Present: Scott Black, Matt Blanchard, Brad Breitkreutz, Harriet Gould, Lori Springer, Susan Urbom. Also attending were Derrick Joel, Superintendent; Kolin Haecker, Secondary Principal; Greg Wilmes, Assistant Secondary Principal and Activities Director; Shelly Dostal, Valparaiso Elementary Principal; Ann Egr, Ceresco Elementary Principal; and Cicely Pickel, Student Board Member.

Call to Order and Pledge of Allegiance

President Gould called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM and the Pledge of Allegiance was said.

Motion to Excuse Board Member's Absence

All Board Members were present.

Open Meeting Law

President Gould reminded the audience that the Open Meeting Laws are displayed in the back of the room for their review.

Consent Agenda

Motion by Black, second by Springer to approve the consent agenda as presented, regular meeting minutes of November 15, 2017, Financial Statement and monthly bills as presented. RCV 6-0.


Our Nebraska Department of Education File Review went very well. Thank you to Mrs. Egr and our Special Education staff for their work supporting students and completing the required documentation.

President Gould extended the Board's appreciation to the district for their opportunity to attend the School Board Conference.

Public Forum

Dave Schnell addressed the Board in regards to compensation for unused sick days, Jill Tran expressed concerns about bus issues, and Phil Carlson spoke about marketing the Raymond Central School District by highlighting past students and their successes on the school website.

Discussion Items

Administrative Reports

First semester is coming to an end very soon and will conclude with finals starting on Wednesday, December 20 and ending on Friday, December 22. We will have early dismissal on the 22nd.

Karen Haase, a partner in the law firm of KSB School Law, gave a very educational and entertaining presentation to 6th-12th grade students and staff about Digital Citizenship.

Student Council had 33 donors during the November Blood Drive at the high school. This will provide scholarships to the seniors.

The Fall Sports Banquet on November 17 was well attended and a big thank you to the athletic booster club for providing a good meal for all in attendance.

Saturday, December 23 thru Wednesday, December 27 is NSAA Moratorium and all gyms will be closed.

Elementary libraries hosted a Book Fair at the South Pointe Barnes and Noble on December 2 with RC receiving a percentage of their sales. Proceeds from this event will help purchase new books for the library.

The 5th graders are sponsoring a "Helping the Homeless from Head to Toe" campaign to solicit donations for socks, gloves, and hats for the People’s City Mission in Lincoln.

Student Assessment Data Presentation

Mr. Haecker and Mrs. Dostal presented data from the Achievement/Academic Tests taken in April of 2017.

Curriculum Report

The Administrative Team is in the process of mapping out a 5+ year strategic plan to meet our long-term goals. Teaching staff continues their learning around differentiation which is designed instruction to meet the needs of all students through content, process, product, and learning environment.

Superintendent's Report

Overall we had a successful file review for special education from the NDE. Our team will look at making changes to how we write accommodations and modifications for students. The Administrative Team has also been having conversations around updating our Special Education Delivery model to modernize it to fit our current student needs.

The first meeting of the Superintendent Advisory Committee will be Monday, December 18.

The annual Legislative Issues Conference will be January 21-22. The Legislature will discuss key issues affecting Nebraska's public schools. Speakers will be the Governor, Commissioner of Education, the Speaker, and select Committee Chairs. The afternoon session will be on Budget and Finance.

The Board assigned Superintendent Joel and Cheryl Rieck, as authorized signors of the Safe Deposit Box at Oak Creek Valley Bank.

Facilities Report

Superintendent Joel and Phil Carlson met with the EPA to discuss our lagoon project. The recommendation of the EPA is to hire an engineer to ensure the work we have bid out will meet the requirements.

Review of Technology Plan

Installation of the parent notification system BrightArrow has been completed. 3D printers have been installed and both Mr. Harrington and Mr. Marsh have printed a test projects.

Student Board Report

One Act ended their season placing 4th in districts while Speech continues their busy season. Boys basketball, girls basketball, and wrestling are now in full swing. FBLA will be participating in a Volunteer Day at the People’s City Mission. The People’s Prom run by junior parents was a success. Charlie Soden has organized a blackout on January 5 for Draven Thompson. Everyone eagerly awaits Christmas break.

Superintendent 360 Evaluation

The Nebraska Association of School Boards partnered with us on the creation and collection of data from the Superintendent 360 Evaluation and presented to the Board on December 12. Overall the feedback was very beneficial.

2017-2018 Annual Report

The updated 2017 Raymond Central Annual Report will be published to our website.

PK Special Education Para Educator

Motion by Blanchard, second by Black to hire an additional paraeducator four days a week for PreSchool to assist with special needs. RCV 6-0.

Para Educator Educational Requirements for PK Classroom

Discussion was held regarding preschool paraeducator qualifications and tabled until January until we have further information.

Bus Driver DOT Physical Exam Reimbursement

Motion by Urbom, second by Blanchard to increase maximum reimbursable dollar amount for bus driver DOT physical exams to $75.00. RCV 5-0. Abstained-1.

Review Public Forum Presentation(s)

Public Forum Presentations were reviewed and action was tabled until January.

Approval of Policy 5006 Option Enrollment

Motion by Springer, second by Blanchard to approve the updated Policy 5006 waiving the open enrollment window. RCV 5-1.

Approval of SOCS 3 Year Website Agreement

Motion by Black, second by Urbom to approve the 3 year contract with SOCS to provide website service for Raymond Central Schools at a total cost of $6,350.00. RCV 6-0.

Approval of 2018-2019 Teachers' Master Contract

Motion by Black, second by Blanchard to approve the 2018-2019 Master Contract for certified instructional staff. RCV 6-0.

Approval of Surplus Items

Motion by Urbom, second by Breitkreutz to surplus 23 outdated Probook laptop computers and Juniper Access Points. RCV 6-0.

Approval of Substitute

Motion by Gould, second by Urbom to approve Dianne Coffin as a substitute teacher. RCV 6-0.

Approval of Next Regular Board Meeting

Motion by Black, second by Breitkreutz to approve the next regular Board of Education Meeting on Wednesday, January 10 at 7:00 PM at the Valparaiso Elementary School. RCV 6-0.


Motion by Breitkreutz, second by Springer to adjourn the meeting at 9:25 PM. RCV 6-0.

Claims approved for payment: ABC-CLIO, LLC-se 89.00; Acco Brands USA LLC-re 310.00; Airgas USA, LLC-se 1,403.04; Ann Egr-mi 431.22; ASI-se 96.00; ASI-se 96.00; ASI-se 96.00; B.E. Publishing-se 879.12; Becky Studebaker-se 20.00; Big Rig Truck Accessories-su 260.17; BOK Financial-se 50,781.25; Brad Breitkreutz-fe 40.00; Butler Public Power District-se 2,420.25; Cash-Wa-su 7,690.87; Colin Electric Motor Service-su 13.95; Comforttechs-re 2,906.60; Computers Etc.-su 43.59; Dawna Miller-mi 37.45; Deans Foods-su 2,377.31; Demco-su 123.48; Derrick C. Joel-mi 314.05; Dietze Music House-su 68.74; DLR Group-se 1,224.00; Donald R. Prentice-se 190.00; Eakes Office Solutions-su 1,661.98; Educational Service Unit No. 2-se 30,123.60; Educational Service Unit No. 2-fe 40.00; Educational Service Unit No. 6-fe 20.00; Educational Service Unit No. 5-se 3,141.10; Farmers Cooperative-su 395.81; First National Bank-se 186,711.25; First National Bank-se 364,985.00; First National Bank-se 386,831.25; Foundation for Lincoln City Libraries-su 407.00; Frontier Cooperative Company-su 16,346.40; Green`s Furnace and Plumbing Co., Inc.-re 752.50; Greg Wilmes-mi 283.12; Heartland Seating, Inc.-su 600.00; J. W. Pepper and Son, Inc.-su 138.24; Jackson Services, Inc.-su 147.08; Jackson Services, Inc.-se 158.32; James Marsh-su 609.41; Janet Dannelly-su 191.96; Jordan Luke-mi 170.66; Julie A. Higgins-se 1,031.94; Kayla Benes-fe 8.32; Kiner Supply Company-re 135.79; Kolin Haecker-mi 361.66; Lancaster County District Court-fe 50.00; Leann Wiese-se 30.00; Livestockjudging.com-su 200.00; Lori Celesky-mi 808.92; Lou`s Sporting Goods-su 1,112.66; Matt Smith-se 40.00; McGraw-Hill School Education Holdings, LLC-su 3,754.74; Mechanical Sales Parts, Inc.-se 709.00; Menards Lincoln-su 630.27; Midland Computer, Inc.-se 90.00; Midwest Office Automations-se 1,307.83; Mierau and Company, Inc.-se 3,400.00; Millard North-fe 210.00; Music Theatre International-su 945.00; Nasco-su 20.40; Nathan Liess-mi 96.83; Nebraska Association of School Boards-fe 1,024.00; Nebraska Council of School Administrators-fe 690.00; Nebraska Educational Service Unit No.2-fe 50.00; Nebraska Food Distribution Program-su 6,941.77; Nebraska Public Health Environmental Laboratory-se 495.00; Nebraska Safety Center-fe 150.00; Neco Security-se 180.00; Nelson Gas and Oil Co.-su 826.11; Norris Public Power-se 10,817.89; Oak Creek Valley Bank-se 13,280.68; Oak Valley Lumber Co-su 92.12; Office Depot-su 355.13; Omaha Public Power Dist.-se 2,865.57; Patty Hudson-su 100.34; Paul E. Hass, Jr-se 40.00; Perry, Guthery, Haase and Gessford, P.C., L.L.O-se 4,654.30; Pioneer Publishing-su 586.77; Pitney Bowes (postage)-su 500.00; Raymono’s Pizza-su 374.50; RC Concessions-su 99.84; RCPS Dist. No. 161-pa 541,152.70; RCPS Dist. No. 161-pa 12,463.79; RCPS Imprest Account-re 1,955.91; Rhonda Madsen-se 30.00; Scott A. Rech-re 150.00; Sentry Electric, Inc.-su 6,242.76; Seth Strouf-su 90.00; Shanahan Mechanical and Electrical-se 1,989.32; Shelly Dostal-su 9.18; Shelly Hlavaty-mi 47.08; Sid Dillon Ford, Inc.-su 151.43; SPARQDATE Solutions-se 2,100.00; Sysco Lincoln-su 6,029.41; Tasha Osten-su 62.73; Tech Masters-re 670.05; The Thompson Co.-su 1,280.34; Tractor Supply Company-su 28.99; Truck Center Companies-su 9.24; U.S. Bank Equipment Finance-se 2,494.82 UPS-fe 27.01; US Bank-su 367.53; Village of Ceresco-se 215.74; Village of Valparaiso-se 388.25; Wahoo Metal Products and Suppliers-re 25.00; Wahoo Newspaper-fe 45.00; Wahoo-Waverly-Ashland Newspaper-fe 213.75; WeatherCraft Co. Of Lincoln-re 765.70; Windstream-se 1,650.77.

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