Village of Raymond

Minutes of the November 7, 2017 Meeting

The regular meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Village of Raymond was called to order on November 7, 2017, at 7:00 p.m. Board members present: Terry Brown, Rick Robinson, Zachariah Brown. Absent: Jonna Sipp, Gene Matthews, clerk Nancy Niemann. Topics of discussion and action of the Board:

1. Approved the minutes of the October 3, 2017, meeting.

2. Approved the claims presented by the Village Clerk.

3. Discussed a recycling drop off site in particular concerns and agreement options.

4. Discussed the Mellen building which had to be moved to fit the approved placement.

5. Discussed the water line leak repair and pending payments for the water line repair by JT&K Services for $9,885.00, the parts from Lincoln Winwater and concrete for the street.

6. Update on ordinance violations: the license plates on the Walkinshaw truck do not to match the vehicle. The attorney will be contacted with that information.

Copies of the entire minutes are posted in the three places of business within the Village and are available from the Village Clerk

Nancy K. Niemann

Village Clerk

Claims paid in the month of October, 2017: Janice Cochran-se 146.30; Terry Brown-sa 23.09; Rick Robinson-sa 23.09; Nancy Niemann-sa 461.75 su 6.00; Jay Eastep-sa 1,627.67; Norris Public Power-se 1,227.49; Express Lawn Care-se 900.00 (Sept and Oct); Nebr. Public Health Lab-se 197.00; Windstream-se 117.30; Waverly News-se 59.00; L&W Garbage-se 36.00; Nebr. League of Municipalities-dues 341.00; Dworak Plumbing-se 2,635.00; IRS tax 958.16; One Call Concepts-se 31.71; Nebr. Rural Water-dues 100.00; Midwest Labs-se 36.80; KENO: Nebr Dept. of Revenue-tax 1,627.00

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