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City Council Meeting Minutes


Mayor Mike Werner called the meeting to order at 7:01 p.m. and led those in attendance in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. Mayor Werner referenced the Open Meetings Act Poster at the entrance of the Community Meeting Hall. Council Members Greg Rickers, Joe Dalton, John Hestermann and Chad Neuhalfen were present. Other City Officials present were City Attorney Tim Moll for Mark Fahleson, City Administrator Stephanie Fisher and City Clerk/Treasurer Clint Hlavaty. Also present were Bill Gerdes, Matt Warner, Brandon Koll, Myron Gerlach, Phil Lorenzen, Cal Weeks, Deputy Dustin Buchheister, Captain Josh Clark and the News Reporter Michael Wunder. Notice of the meeting and agenda were given to the Mayor and all Members of the City Council prior to the meeting. Notice of the meeting was posted at Russ’s Market Express, the US Post Office and the City Office.


Motion to Approve the Consent Agenda as presented. Passed, Unanimous.


Public Hearing on a Proposed Amendment to the Redevelopment Plan for Waverly Area B to remove a parcel from the Redevelopment Area. Opened at 7:04 p.m. Matt Warner spoke about his proposed project and his request for Tax Increment Financing. He currently has 33 employees. Renters have already approached him regarding his new building. He also has commitments from teams/groups for the indoor batting facility. He asked that the Council approve his request for TIF. Brandon Koll spoke in favor of the project and stated it is good for Waverly. Closed at 7:08 p.m.

Public Hearing on a Proposed Redevelopment Plan for property commonly known as 14560 Woodstock Street. Opened at 7:09 p.m. No comments from public were heard. Mayor Werner explained the process. Closed at 7:11 p.m.


Bill Gerdes was disappointed in the Mayor in the way Mayor Werner handled a situation he brought to the Mayor’s attention. Bill was also concerned about the consideration and approval of an Independent Contractor Agreement with Hope Staten to perform certain services for the City of Waverly and its Emergency Services Department. He feels this person was handpicked. Another subject he was upset about concerned about was LB886. This act provides for a tax incentive to volunteer emergency responders. Bill felt that he had qualified for two years, but did not receive the tax benefit due to the State not having two years of information to award the benefit.

Brandon Koll wants to make an official request that the CDA have appointed members rather than Council Members or Mayor. There should be members within the community as well as one or two members outside the City limits.

Myron Gerlach read in the paper about the change in golf car rules. He would like to be able to use his before sunrise and after sunset because his has all of the lights, horns and flags as required. He thought there was something about changing the rules again. He was questioning after adding all the items requested like lights, why not use them. He followed what the requirements, so why not use this after dark? He feels we are over regulated. He was informed the City of Waverly is following State Statues mandate that golf cars cannot be used after dark.


Total amount to approve = $218,604.92 Passed, Unanimous.


Consideration of Resolution 18-10 to adopt and approve the execution of an agreement with department of Transportation of the State of Nebraska for Project No. HH1801. Passed, Unanimous.

Consideration of Resolution 18-11 to authorize the temporary installation of “No Parking” signs on the north side of Guildford Street from 140th to 143rd Streets after 5 p.m. on July 3rd 2018. Passed, Unanimous.

Consideration of Resolution 18-12 to authorize the temporary closing of Guildford Street from 140th Street west of Highway 6 after 5 p.m. on July 3rd, 2018. Passed, Unanimous.

Consideration of Resolution 18-13 approving a First Amendment to the Redevelopment Plan for Waverly Area B. Passed, Unanimous.

Consideration of resolution 18-14 approving a Redevelopment Plan for the City (Woodstock Holdings Project) and Agreeing to a Redevelopment Contract for the Project and the Pledge of Taxes in a Redevelopment Area for the benefit of the Community Development Agency of the City. Passed, Unanimous.


Consideration of Ordinance No. 18-06 authorizing the issuance of not to exceed $2,400,000 Bond Anticipation Notes, Series 2018, to fund Street Improvement Districts Nos. 2018-1, 2018-3 and 2018-4. Passed, Unanimous.

Consideration of 1st reading of Ordinance No. 18-07 to add to Chapter 2, Commissions and Boards, Article 2, Section 2-210 Community Development Agency. Passed, Unanimous.


Consideration and Approval of granting a noise variance for the July 3rd Waverly Community Foundation’s Street Dance. Passed, Unanimous.

Consideration and Approval of Change Order No. 1 for 2018 Various Street Construction Project 1 (Amberly Road) in the amount of $2,922.50. Passed, Unanimous.

Consideration and Approval of an Independent Contractor Agreement with Hope Staten to perform certain services for the City of Waverly and its Emergency Services Department. Passed, Unanimous.

Consideration and Approval of a Business Associate Agreement between the City of Waverly, its Fire/Rescue Department and Hope Staten. Passed, Unanimous.

Consideration and Approval of Agreement for Construction Phase Services for the Riley 5th Addition. Passed, Unanimous.

Consideration and Approval of Cost Share with Lower Platte South Natural Resources District for professional services provided by Olsson Associates for response to second set FEMA comments and potentially third set FEMA comments for the Letter of Map Revision (LOMR) for the Ash Hollow Dry Dam in the amount of $7,000, City’s share of $3,500. Passed, Unanimous.

Discussion concerning the speed limit on Oldfield Street

The following Liaison Reports were given; Sheriff’s, Human Services, Public Health and City Administrator.

Motion to Adjourn Meeting 8:13 p.m. Passed Unanimous.

These minutes are condensed for purposes of publication. A complete set is available for public inspection during regular business hours at the City Office.

Clinton J. Hlavaty, Clerk/Treasurer

**The complete Minutes will be posted to the City website after approval at the 06-26-18 City Council Meeting.

ADP payrolls and taxes (ACH) 92,434.71; Aramark 40.00; Arnold Pool Co. 281.50; Aspen Builders 1,880.00; Barco Municipal Supplies 447.28; Bea Kellogg 26.99; Bill Gerdes 163.86; Black Hill Energy 102.58; Blue Cross/Blue Shield 7,924.87; Bockmann Inc. 11,400.00; Brainard Heating and A/C 1,752.56; Carquest 15.38; Colonial Life 45.52; Cody Kaiser 164.24; Core and Main 3,650.81; Cubby's 1,628.67; Dearborn National (ACH) 225.99; Delta Dental 727.00; Diamond Vogel 412.50; Diana Gomez 55.25; DXP 26.27; Eagle Services 97.00; EMS Billing (ACH) 1,129.83; Fossil Fuels 539.61; Hamilton Equipment Co. 127.43; Hawkins Inc. 514.64; Heiman Fire Equipment 70.59; Holiday Inn Express 1,169.70; Inland Truck Parts and Service 5,010.61; JEO Consulting 11,474.00; John Hancock (ACH) 6,486.88; John Wilson 47.29; Liberty First Credit Union 8.44; Life Assist 510.80; Lincoln Electric System 5,720.97; Lincoln Winwater Works Inc. 492.20; Malloy Industrial Services 6,915.94; McMaster Carr 38.93; Menards 175.16; Midwest Farmers Coop. 244.04; Midwest Office Automations 163.75; Mr. Amoto 3,335.00; Nadia Koval 700.00; Nebraska Dept. of Revenue (ACH) 7,906.59; Nebraska Landscape Solutions 459.91; Nebraska Public Health Env. Lab 30.00; One Call Concepts 92.79; Paul Davis Restoration 225.00; Pinnacle Bank 2,180.89; Plains Equipment Group 115.91; Prairie Home Builders 970.00; Quick Connect 160.00; Quik Dump 416.00; Redshaw Paint Supply 96.61; Reimers Kaufman Concrete 175.75; Rembolt Ludtke LLP 2,500.00; Rich Robinson 610.70; Roca Land and Cattle Co. 1,200.00; Schemmer Consultants 19,851.65; Secured Data Services 38.00; Spectrum 14.88; Stephenson Truck Repairs 719.70; Stonebrook Exterior 6,472.67; U.S. Bank Equip. Finance 134.25; U.S. Postmaster 767.26; Union Bank 2,500.00; United Healthcare 569.40; Waverly Chamber of Commerce 1,500.00; Waverly Plumbing and Well 518.17.

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