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City Council Meeting Minutes CONDENSED VERSION


Mayor Mike Werner called the meeting to order at 6:32 p.m. and led those in attendance in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. Mayor Werner referenced the Open Meetings Act Poster at the entrance of the Community Meeting Hall. Council Members Chad Neuhalfen, Greg Rickers, Joe Dalton and John Hestermann were present. Other City Officials present were City Attorney Mark Fahleson, City Administrator Stephanie Fisher and City Clerk/Treasurer Clint Hlavaty. Also present were Dr. Cory Worrell, Matt Shimerdla, Deputy Dustin Buchheister and the News Reporter Michael Wunder. Notice of the meeting and agenda were given to the Mayor and all Members of the City Council prior to the meeting. Notice of the meeting was posted at Russ’s Market Express, the U.S. Post Office, the City Office and the City website (


Motion to approve the Consent Agenda as presented. Passed, Unanimous.




Dr. Cory Worrell spoke on behalf of Waverly Public schools and appreciated the quick response from the City to the pedestrian safety of the school children.


Motion to approve Group A claims in the amount of $754,075.29 Passed, Unanimous.

Motion to approve Group B claims in the amount of $12,458.49 Council Member Greg Rickers abstained from voting to prevent a potential conflict of interest. Passed, Unanimous.

Motion to suspend the rules and move forward items 8b, 8c and 8a. Passed, Unanimous.

Motion to approve the Mayor’s appointment of Rodger Alley for Fire Chief. Passed, Unanimous.

Motion to accept the bid from JEO in the amount of $2,500 for review of construction plans for the Watermark Addition. Passed, Unanimous.

Motion to approve a change order in the amount of $30,000 for 2018 Various Street Construction Project – Traffic Study. Passed, Unanimous.


Motion to postpone Resolution 18-21, a resolution approving the lowering of speed limit on Amberly Road until traffic study is completed, to the second Council Meeting in October. Passed, Unanimous.


Motion to approve the third reading of Ordinance 18-09, an ordinance of the City of Waverly, Nebraska, amending Chapter 10 of the Waverly Municipal Code pertaining to business regulations and sexually oriented businesses. Passed, Unanimous.

Motion to approve of first reading of Ordinance 18-10, an ordinance of the City of Waverly, Nebraska, repealing Chapter 1, Article 9, Section 1-903 of the Waverly Municipal Code pertaining to Appointed Officials; Administrator-Clerk Position. Motion to suspend rules and move to third and final reading of Ordinance 18-10, an ordinance of the City of Waverly, Nebraska, repealing Chapter 1, Article 9, Section 1-903 of the Waverly Municipal Code pertaining to Appointed Officials; Administrator-Clerk Position. Passed, Unanimous. Called for third and final reading on Ordinance. Passed, Unanimous.


The following Liaison Reports were given; Sheriff’s Report, Human Services, Public Works, Public Health, Fiscal and Economic Development and City Administrator.

Motion to Adjourn Meeting at 7:11pm. Passed Unanimous.

These minutes are condensed for purposes of publication. A complete set is available for public inspection during regular business hours at the City Office.

Clinton J. Hlavaty


**The complete Minutes will be posted to the City website after approval at the 09-10-18 City Council Meeting.

ADP (ACH) 24,387.35; Aspen Builders, Inc. 16,177.00; Barco Municipal Products Inc. 730.00; Black Hills Energy 104.14; BlueCross BlueShield 7,399.09; BOK Financial 1,000.00; Charter Communications 7.21; Chloe Welling 350.00; CLIA Labs 150.00; Constructors Inc. 554,218.12; Continental Fire sprinkler Co. 180.00; Core and Main 7,739.05; Cubby’s Inc. 1,601.25; Danko Emergency Equipment 196.50; Data Technologies Inc 641.25; Dean's Readiator and Driveshaft 85.00; Delta Dental 899.40; Dultmeier 1,202.00; Eagle Services 97.00; EMS billing services 462.38; ESRI 2,500.00; Fossil Fuels, LLC 1,728.63; Garrett Schliep 350.00; Hamilton Equipment Co. 18.19; Harris Decals 98.56; Hope Staten 1,369.60; Hotsy 372.82; John Hancock (ACH) 2,157.17; Kelly Supply Co. 32.09; LNM Utilities Section 1,043.00; Life-Assist 523.49; LES 9,574.10; Matheson 124.13; Menards 294.87; Midwest Farmers Cooperative 61.85; Midwest Office Automations 184.16; Millard Lumber 261.79; Murphy Tractor Equipment 5,300.00; Nadia Koval 700.00; Nancy Myer 168.80; Nathan Vidlak 739.82; Nebraska HHS: Public Health Licensure 130.00; Nebraska Landscape Solutions 947.73; NeRPA 257.00; Northern Lights Display 10,410.00; Odey's Inc. 2,775.00; One Call Concepts Inc. 120.63; Pavers 25,657.43; Petty Cash 344.07; Pinnacle Bank Credit cards 481.93; Print Works 2,621.80; Quick Connect Computer Svcs 409.00; Quick Dump Refuse Inc. 416.00; Russ's Market Express 44.77; Sandry Fire Supply 46.00; Schemmer 54,715.49; Stonebrook Exterior 12,458.49; Taylor and Associates 1,105.35; Trafcon 186.00; U.S. Bank equipment finance 134.25; Union Bank 2,750.00; USA Blue Book 882.88; Waverly Plumbing 4,410.15. Total 766,533.78

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