City of Waverly City Council Meeting Minutes CONDENSED VERSION


Council President Greg Rickers called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. and led those in attendance in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. Council President Rickers referenced the Open Meetings Act Poster at the entrance of the Community Meeting Hall. Mayor Mike Werner was absent from this meeting. Council Members Joe Dalton, John Hestermann and Chad Neuhalfen were present. Other City Officials present were Deputy City Attorney Dave Bargen, City Administrator Stephanie Fisher and City Clerk/Treasurer Clint Hlavaty. Also present were Deputy Dustin Buchheister, Bob Benes, Matt Shimerdla, Brian Reiner and the News Reporter Michael Wunder. Notice of the meeting and agenda were given to the Mayor and all Members of the City Council prior to the meeting. Notice of the meeting was posted at Russ’s Market Express, the US Post Office and the City Office.


Motion to Approve the Consent Agenda as presented, passed, Unanimous.






Motion to Approve the Claims as presented in the amount of $303,841.13. Passed, Unanimous.

Motion to Approve the April 2018 Financial Reports, passed, Unanimous.


Motion to Approve Resolution 18-08 Approving volunteer Fire/Rescue Department Member – Austin Wubbels. Passed, Unanimous.

Motion to Approve Resolution 18-09 Approving Riley 5th Addition Final Plat. Passed, Unanimous.



INTRODUCTION OF BUSINESS AND COMMUNICATIONS Consideration and Approval of the Waverly Chamber of Commerce 4th of July Parade Route. Passed, Unanimous.

Consideration and Approval of the Waverly Chamber of Commerce request to allow Midwest Fireworks to perform a Community Fireworks Display on July 4th, 2018 at Lawson Park (141st & Oldfield St.). Passed, Unanimous.

Consideration and Approval of $1500.00 donation to Waverly Chamber of Commerce for the Community Fireworks display. Passed, Unanimous.

Consideration and Approval of Agreement with the State of Nebraska and the State of Nebraska Department of Transportation for Roadway Lighting at 130th Street and Highway N-6. Passed, Unanimous.

Consideration and Approval of Supplemental Agreement with Schemmer Associates for the 2018 Various Street Construction/Reconstruction Project 1 (Amberly Road), Project 3 (Folkstone Street), Project 4 (143rd Street). Passed, Unanimous.

Consideration and Approval of request from Windstream Nebraska, LLC to place buried communications facilities on Public Right-of-Way within Corporate Limits of the City of Waverly. Passed, Unanimous.

Consideration and Approval of request from Unite Private Networks to install fiber optics facilities on Public Right-of-Way within Corporate Limits of the City of Waverly. Passed, Unanimous.

Consideration and Approval of request from Brian and Amy Reiner, 14320 Bradford Court, Waverly for additional driveway. Failed.

The following Liaison Reports were given: Sheriff’s, Human Services, Public Health and City Administrator. Motion to Adjourn Meeting at 7:58 p.m. Passed, Unanimous.

These minutes are condensed for purposes of publication. A complete set is available for public inspection during regular business hours at the City Office.

Clinton J. Hlavaty, Clerk/Treasurer

ABC Electric 2,387.52; ACCO 548.95; Barco Municipal Supplies 963.75; Bauer Built Tires 5,613.47; Carquest 206.99; Colonial Life 45.52; Cubby's 1,442.80; Davidson Plumbing and Welding 185.00; Data Technologies 2,277.58; Eagle Services 97.00; Gregg Electric 149.80; Hamilton Equipment Co. 81.60; Hawkins Inc. 602.58; H.R. Bookstrom Construction 70,616.80; ILH Construction LLC. 5,400.00; JEO Consulting 23,039.40; Lancaster County Sheriff's Office 27,548.29; Life Assist 187.60; Lincoln Electric System 11,722.73; Lincoln Lock and Safe 44.76; Marvin E Jewell Co. P.C. 16,760.00; Menards 728.72; Midwest Laboratories 323.48; Midwest Office Automations 146.78; Millard Lumber 31.65; Nebraska Dept of Env. Quality 73,102.83; Nebr. Health/Human Services 311.70; Nebraska Public Health Env. Lab 82.00; Olsson Associates 6,247.38; One Call Concepts 92.37; O'Reilly Auto Parts 84.95; Pavers 37,461.91; Pinnacle Bank 2,733.63; Print Works 400.00; Reimers Kaufman Concrete Products 219.90; Rembolt Ludtke LLP 1,522.00; Russ's Market 4.61; Sandry Fire Supply 1,943.00; Sargent Drilling 606.67; Thiel Geotech Inc. 1,695.00; Tony's Lawn Care 700.00; Verizon 362.43; Wahoo-Waverly-Ashland News 779.22; Waverly Plumbing and Well 256.23; Waverly True Value 302.07; Wiebusch, Jerry L and Connie R 2,640.00; Wiestar Towing and Recovery 140.00;

Windstream 1,000.46. Total 303,841.13.

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