WAVERLY – The Waverly City Council accepted the 2019 Water and Wastewater Rate Study and now must decide where it should go from there.

Dane Simonsen of JEO Consulting Group delivered the 56-page study to the council at its Aug. 13 meeting.

Overall, Simonsen said that the state of the city’s water and wastewater system was “pretty good” and “definitely not in dire straits.”

The study found that there are around 1,500 water users in the City of Waverly currently. The study projects there will be over 1,600 by 2024.

With the rise in use and inflation, Simonsen said that the study recommends some “relatively minor” rate increases.

The study proposes three different rate schedules the city could adopt. The options differ depending on whether the city would like to use entirely cash funds, use mostly bonds or a combination of cash and bonds to fund capital improvements.

Of the three proposals the study puts forward, JEO recommends the city use the combination of bonds and cash.

With wastewater rates, the proposals and recommendations for going forward are basically the same. JEO recommends a healthy balance of bonds and cash to pay for improvements.

The major difference between water and wastewater in Waverly is the rates.

The study found a rate study done by the City of Lincoln in 2018. In that study Waverly has some of the lowest water rates in the area. Conversely, the have the highest wastewater rates of those surveyed, with rates $20 or more than York, Beatrice and Lincoln.

Now, it is up to the council to take those recommendations and move forward.

No action was taken regarding Waverly rates, but with the study in hand, action could be forthcoming.

In other business at last week’s meeting, Aaron Hummel of Waverly Emergency Services reported that the city’s new ambulance could potentially be ready ahead of schedule.

Hummel said he expects delivery around the end of September.

The council will hold its next meeting Aug. 27 at 7 p.m. at the Waverly Community Meeting Hall.

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