Waverly Council

WAVERLY – The Waverly City Council rejected last week a bid for a zone change and started the process to approve water and sewer rate changes,

The council held a public hearing Aug. 27 about changing the zoning district on two lots in the Pierces Addition. The lots are currently zoned for single-family residence but the owner of the lots, John Sharp of Waverly, had sought to change the zoning to urban-family residence to facilitate townhomes or other multi-family dwellings.

Sharp said that he has had offers for the plots but would like to see new houses built there in the neighborhood in which he grew up.

A number of residents of the neighborhood spoke out in opposition to the zone change. Darrell Sayer, Annette Marchio and Robert Nelson attended the hearing and voiced concerns that new multi-family dwellings would ruin the aesthetics and quiet nature of the neighborhood.

The opposition also cited the unanimous recommendation made the day before by the Waverly Planning Commission to reject the zone change.

When the matter came to a vote later in the meeting, the change was voted down by the council, with Councilman Dave Nielsen the only member of the council voting to move the change to second reading.

In other business, the council moved a number of ordinances closer to being passed.

The council moved four ordinances on to the next reading in the process of following the recommendations posed to it by the water and waste water studies it accepted in its last meeting.

The ordinances are far from approved, but if passed utility customers would see water and waste water rates rise 1.7 percent annually in Waverly.

Tap instillation for new taps and permit application fees would go up as well.

The city administrator went over the proposed budget for the city before it will go up for public notice.

The city council will hold its next meeting Sept. 10 at 7 p.m. in the Waverly Community Meeting Hall.

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